Saturday, November 21, 2009

random things :D

my first post ;D

finally I decided to delete my old blog --> friends, hahahaha.
that is because i feel so bored with its design, the posts, etc.
but in the other hand i want to write a blog! i still love it, i guess. :D
hell, I do not introduce myself yet! --'
previously, i known as reena on my blog, im from banyuwangi, east java, indonesian. still on grade eleventh on Glagah Senior High School - one of favourite school there :D -, and i choose science program.
then i want to apologize to people who wrote down on my old cbox, because i didnt reply them. sorry sorryy all :D

aku pengen bicarain paramore, soalnya kupingku akhir2 ini dengerin lagu-lagunya band alternative rock asal Tennessee, Amrik ne (udha pada tau ya?? >,<). terus aku pengen sharing lagu-lagunya yg menurutku paling bagus :
1. let the flames begin
3. crushcrushcrush
4. ignorance
5. brick by boring brick
6. decode
7. fences
8. misery business

i searched these all from :)

1 comment:

  1. hey, ni rena,, lam kenal yaa..

    aq jg suka lagu2nya paramore...
    qm tau banyak jg ya..
    aq cuma tau yg no.2,3,4,6,8...

    emang keren bgt koq ^^